Familiarity Breeds … “Mistrakes”

I previously mentioned in the blog titled, “Two Heads Are Better Than One” that I am thankful that my wife and I are working together in this business venture of translation. In that blog, I mainly focused on the benefit of how it helps in crossing over from one language to another because we are familiar with both the source and the target language. Another benefit is the mere fact of having another set of eyes when the thyme comes to proofread the final document. Our brain does so much more than a computer can as far as trying to help us out when it comes to trying to read something - which in most cases is beneficial. But, when we our trying to proofread a document it can actually be a hi

Bad English (Not just a 90's rock band)

(Not just a 90's rock band) How important is an accurate translation? Ask yourself, "How important is it to get my idea across?" For me, one of the most frustrating things is to be misunderstood or not to be able to express myself clearly. The result seems to be as effective as trying to dig a hole in the sand. I have a tendency to pause in mid-sentence, and many times the person I'm talking with will try to finish my thought. Why do I do that? I'm trying to choose the right word to best express my thought. Having a background of being a teacher/preacher, I've discovered how much work it is to try to correct a misunderstanding compared to avoiding the misunderstanding in the first place. So,

Two Languages Are Better Than One

I was born and raised in Central Illinois during the 60's and 70's. At the time, there wasn't much need to know another language - other than it was a requirement to graduate high school. Little did I know then that that was going to change after I graduated from college and moved to Arizona. I ended up going to Mexico, and there, I found my wife. Ever since, my life has been enriched by not only learning a second language, but also another culture. I haven't been the only one that has been enriched by learning another language. In fact, there are numerous studies that have found that knowing more than one language can be beneficial in many areas of one's life. Even though our brains aren't

The Reflecting Pool

The Reflecting Pool in Washington DC has been the background to many historical events – for Fourth of July celebrations, presidential inaugurations, and probably the most remembered event was on August 28, 1963, when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a Dream” speech. It has always been the meeting place for people to corporately express their views and to let their voices be heard. It has practically become as much of an icon for the United States as the bald eagle, the Statue of Liberty and the flag itself. The Reflecting Pool began construction in 1922, after the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial. It was meant to be a means to connect the memorial to the rest of the National Mall.

Computerized Translation vs. Human Translation

Why is there a need to have human translators in our day and age considering all the other options available? There are software programs and online sites that offer quick and easy translations. Do they do as good as a job? Personally I do not feel that the other options available come close to a translation done by a person. Several times we have been given a document that someone has “translated” online, that they have asked us to check for its accuracy, and we have had to basically start from scratch to make an intelligible translation. It probably would have been better if they would have come to us first, and let us do the translation off of the original document, because to try to corr

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