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Cost Effective

E C Translations helps bridge the language barrier between Spanish and English speakers through these various services:


  • Interpretation (Spoken word)

- $40.00 for the first hour, after that, 15 minute increments at $10.00.

                                   * We don't do weddings

  • Translation (Written documents) 

- Beginning at $0.12 per word

                                 * Minimum of $20.00

  • Notarize

- $5.00 per seal. 

  • Notarize & Travel

- $5.00 per seal plus $25.00 for travel expense.

If you have questions about any other service not listed please contact us.

We understand that the documents that our customers entrust us with are important to them and have time sensitive needs. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that we will return to our customers the translated document in a timely manner.

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